04 March 2013

Master Stonemason of Kirstenbosch

You don't see many photos of Mr Robbie Smith. There is a brief mention of him in the new book on Kirstenbosch by Brian Huntley (on page 39) and I have not come across anything about him in back issues of Veld & Flora, yet more than most, it is the work of this man that has shaped and defined the beautiful gardens of Kirstenbosch.

His son, Franklin Smith, whom I met briefly at the AGM of the Friends of Meadowridge Common who were hosting a talk on the history of Kirstenbosch, drew my attention to this interesting article that has just appeared in the Tatler


Firefly said...

Hey Caroline. I thought you disappeared off the face of the earth. You went to Botswana and suddenly stopped blogging on "City of sunshine and storms". Actually got very worried. I haven't seen any of your tweets on my Twitter feed but thought this morning I must look you up. Hope you are well.

Caroline said...

Yes - sorry - have had to re-assess my life in terms of time management! I have decided to waste my time on one fun blog - Coco's Walkies on Table Mountain (shookies.blogspot.com. But I still pop in and check out your and Mo of London's blogs. x