07 June 2012

Seeing RED

The Red List of South African plants version 2012.1 is now available at redlist.sanbi.org.
Fifty-seven species have been added to the list, and 223 assessments updated. The genera Marasmodes, Wiborgiella, Notobobon, Nanobubon, Glia, Riocreuxia, Gomphocarpus, Dasispermum, Jordaaniella and Ornithogalum section Aspasia have been completely re-assessed to reflect taxonomic revisions.
Nine species thought to be extinct (they were listed as Critically Endangered – Possibly Extinct) have been re-discovered - although six new CR PEs have been added to the list: most of these previously overlooked, but in the case of Tulbaghia cominsii, the status has changed due to the loss of the only known sub-population to road construction on the N2 in the Eastern Cape.
More information has been added to 98 species, and there are 278 new photos thanks to generous contributions from Martina Treurnicht, Duncan McKenzie, Anthony Magee and Rupert Koopman. Unfortunately new distribution maps have not been added as more work needs to be done on the system for generating the distribution maps. Feedback has indicated that the maps are one of the most useful features of the website and every effort will made to produce more maps for the next edition.

Some new features of the website include:
- Search links on the species pages now allow users to search for additional images on iSpot (http://www.ispot.org.za/)
- Species names in the ‘Summary of recent changes’ section now link directly to their assessments
- A Red List mailing list for communicating updates to the website is now available. See link at the bottom of the home page. Announcements will be sent to members of the mailing list so make sure that you subscribe if you would like to stay informed of the latest Red List news.

Photo: The Endangered Aristea nigrescens by Rupert Koopman.

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