11 January 2012

Tabularis times two

Seen on a hike up Devils Peak today:
Eulophia tabularis. Not endemic, but first seen on Table Mt. It occurs from the Biedouw Valley all the way to the Eastern Cape.
Watsonia tabularis - a true endemic - with Robben Island in the distance. The Table Mountain Watsonia is only found on Table Mountain. Colours can vary from orange, to apricot to cream. The trick of identification is to look at the leaves and the bracts. The leaves of W. tabularis are sheathed up the stem, and these sheaths are inflated and often filled with water. Looking back towards False Bay.
A rather pale form of Watsonia tabularis - the Table Mountain Watsonia.NOT anything tabularis but an interesting shot (unplanned) of a species of Dilatris or Bloodroot with Lion's Head in the background. It is probably Dilatris corymbosa as I saw a few stamens sticking out above the petals.

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garden girl said...

Beautiful. The last photo is amazing. Funny how unplanned things often turn out better than those we try so hard to perfect.