10 January 2012

Don't let this happen SANParks!

Yesterday Capetonians were outraged when news broke of a proposed R54 million office block to be built along Chapmans Peak Drive in the Table Mountain National Park to house a bunch of road-toll officials from the "Entilini" Concession outfit with large egos - and an eye on future high rent tenants, who knows. And guess who will be financing most of it? Us, the tax-payers! It is absolutely outrageous! My first thoughts on reading the article by Melanie Gosling in the Cape Times was "Is it April Fool's Day?" The office block will impinge on the integrity of our national park and seriously undermine the integrity of SANParks.(SANParks, go and read your mission statement on your website to remind yourself what you are all about!) It will be the beginning of the end of the war against the attrition of our beleaguered natural areas and I really, really hope that it will never happen. For heavens sake, aren't there enough ugly offices in Hout Bay already for the Entilini entourage - and just how many offices do they need? Its not like its a very long road! Something smells rather fishy ... and its not the kelp on the beach either.
Join the protest march on Sunday 22 January at 10 am, which will be starting at both ends of Chapmans Peak Drive.


garden girl said...

This is disgusting. If this is allowed to happen then I will really lose all hope for our beautiful country.

Dani said...

Reckon that once again bribery, corruption and backhand payments are at work. I really thought that SANPARKS was above it, but I guess not...

Don't know where this leaves this country - it certainly appears to be corrupt to the core?