09 September 2011

Restio update

Last month we were treated to some amazing lectures by eminent botanists in celebration of the Bolus Herbarium's centenary of being housed at the University of Cape Town. One of the lecturers was Dr H. Peter Linder of the University of Zurich's Institute of Systematic Botany who introduced the audience to some interesting research he was doing on the root systems of species in the Restionaceae family which has thrown new light on the evolution and origins of the restios or Cape Reeds and indeed, the whole fynbos. He was co-author of a book by Els Dorrat-Haaksma on this interesting family which is one of the characteristic elements in the fynbos. The book needs to be updated, and the authors are looking for funding in order to make this possible. If you know of anyone who could help, please contact Els at 021 788 9038 or email her at restios2@gmail.com.

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