08 September 2011

Forest Day

Forest Day, now moving into its fifth year, takes place annually to coincide with the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties. It is organized to keep world leaders, researchers, donors, policy-makers, climate change negotiators, media, non-governmental and inter-governmental organizations, indigenous peoples' groups and other forest-dependent people up to date about the current research and thinking on the world's forests. This year, COP 17 is being held in Durban, and Forest Day will be held there too. It is also the IUCN International Day of the Forest this year.
Click here for more information on Forest Day.
In the next issue of Veld & Flora, due out in late November, several articles will be devoted to forests (both on the planet and in the ocean) and putting them into context in the southern hemisphere as most of the current research on forests and biodiversity focuses on the northern hemisphere.

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