31 August 2011

In the SPRING issue of Veld & Flora

The BotSoc Annual Report 2010-2011
News of a Skeppies project: The Okiep Kraalbos Soap Project Making biodiversity fun: news from the Custodians of Rare and Endangered Wildflowers (CREW)
The Free State National Botanical Garden: a garden of extremes
Elephant-shrew pollinators in the Cederberg
The secretive Sebaea
has a surprising survival technique
Spinning Gold – the Orbweb Spiders
A new species of tree, the Tugela Bushwillow discovered in KwaZulu-Natal
Pollination fact sheet and poster for matric scholars
More about life on the farm in the southern Cape with organic farmer, Sally Adam.
The Peninsula Skolly: Cape Town’s only endemic butterfly that has an unusual living arrangement with Pugnacious Ants.
Conservation beyond boundaries: Biodiversity Stewardship in the City of Cape Town.
Gardening with Traditionally Useful Plants The Calabash Gourd.
Meet Table Mountain’s wildflower man, Bruce Mackenzie, as well as some of the people who make BotSoc one of the most vibrant and successful non-governmental organizations in South Africa like the indomitable Stella Petersen.
Read about some of the activities taking place in BotSoc’s varied branches around the country.
Interesting reader’s letters including a discussion on common names for South Africa’s trees.
Reviews of new books and a fantastic new cd from the Friends of the Silvermine Nature Area that includes photos and information on just about every plant you might encounter on the wondrously florally diverse Cape Peninsula.

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