08 June 2011

Botanical artists - take note

The curator of the In Bloom Exhibition, Margie Murgatroyd of Africa Nova, invites artists to submit botanical art for inclusion in this year’s exhibition. The exhibition will take place at Casa Labia in early December 2011. Please submit work for possible inclusion by the end of September. You may send photographs/scans of work you would like to submit for consideration. All work submitted should be un-framed and, if it is chosen for inclusion, will be framed in consultation with the curator. Artists should name their price. Africa Nova add a 40% commission to the artists price, and framing costs are added on top of that.
The In Bloom exhibition was a great success last year and there was a wonderful variety of work all of which had a floral theme. As well as paintings, there was sculpture (Nick Bladen’s work), copperplate etching (Jane Eppel), ceramics, photography, installation works and a variety of mixed media. It is quite a long running exhibition; it starts in December and runs through to February.
If you are interested, please contact Lindsay Rossetti of BAASA at rossetti@lantic.net.

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