25 May 2010

Silver for Chelsea 2010

News is that we have won a silver medal in the Chelsea Flower Show in London. South African National Biodiversity Institute CEO, Dr Tanya Abrahamse, with the model of the 2010 exhibit.

What is more, the Chelsea 2010 Plant of the Year Award went to Streptocarpus 'Harlequin Blue' which is derived from South African Streptocarpus flowers - possibly Streptocarpus rexii which was first introduced to England in 1826 and is the ancestor of many modern hybrids. (There are about 125 species, native to Madagascar, tropical and southern Africa, with about 52 species in southern Africa.)


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Hello Caroline, Max send me the link to your blog and it is fantastic!! You have the most amazing pictures of all these wonderful flowers.

I am busy with a project on identification of things in nature and was wondering if you would consider helping with with it? My e-mail address is macromail2 at vodamail dot co dot za

Best wishes,

Caroline said...

Sure Joan! Will gladly help if I can. Let me know at veldfloraed@gmail.com